Who's Got More Than 31 Flavors? Get Drizzled

Apr 01, 2017

What if you could drizzle chocolate wine over your ice cream?

Carol Rodriguez has made that possible with an assorted array of wine drizzles. Rodriguez is the owner of Get Drizzled in Higginsville, Missouri.

Get Drizzled has been bringing organic food miracles to the kitchen for five years. In those years, Rodriquez has produced around 60 different drizzles from wine sauces to chocolate and even steak sauces.

She started out in the corporate world in California wine country. But after a visit back home to see her mother, she become worried about her mother’s health. She said, “I visited for Christmas and decided to stay a couple months to help my mother out and try to get her into a local residents home. Next thing a couple months turned into 10 years.”

Rodriguez said she was impressed with all the wineries that had popped up while she was in California. After her experience working with wineries in California and restaurants all over the United States, she always wondered why no one had thought to bottle a wine reduction sauce.

She went on to say, “I know a lot of people who have tried to make their own and ruined a perfectly good bottle of wine. So I started playing around and one thing led to another. The next thing I knew, I was calling the health department to inspect my kitchen.”

Rodriguez’s drizzles can be used on almost anything. Clients tell her they use it to marinade meat, for pasta, as ice cream topping, on pancakes or crepes, as a salad dressing, in cocktails or martinis, on fruit, and even in their crockpot recipes.

She said that she keeps a bottle in her purse and will order a plain cheeseburger from a fast food place and drizzle some on that, too, since her drizzles go well over any kind of meat.

Always coming up with new flavors, her last flavor count was around 60 and she has a wide variety of flavors from bold and sweet steak sauces to fruity mixers, sauces with ghost peppers and even chocolate. She grows a lot of her fruits and ingredients organically in a garden just for Get Drizzled.

She says it’s a must that her products stay as close to healthy and organic as possible.

With all those flavors, she said it’s hard to pick a favorite.But when asked she said, “Oh, of course! That’s like asking a mother what child is her favorite. Out of the savories, I love steak, I have a true steak marinade called, “It’s to Die For” because straight out of the bottle it’s like steak without the meat it’s so full of flavor. Out of the fruits I love the Blackberry Merlot, Cherries Jubilee and the Chocolate Covered Cherry.”

A few top sellers include, White Wine and Garlic,Strawberry Mango Moscato, Raspberry Chipotle, Pineapple Jalapeno, Cherries Jubilee and Blackberry Merlot. Rodriguez says she finds flavor inspiration everywhere. She recently visited Mexico where she stumbled upon a Mexican fruit called a jackfruit that inspired her newest drizzle, “Jacked Me Up”. She has recently started a new line called Sugar Sprinkles, which are flavored sprinkles that can be used in recipes, on ice cream, desserts or even to rim some martini or margarita glasses. Rodriguez said she also sees flavored sea salts being a future Get Drizzled line. 

Buckner residents will have a chance to experience theGet Drizzled brand up close and personal, as she will have a booth at the Buckner Fair this year. But for those who can’t wait till then to try her products, check out some Get Drizzled flavors in Independence at Terra Organics and Top Hat Winery. (Top Hat Winery will have some flavors that are uniquely made with their own wines.)

For more information contact Carol at WineDrizzle@yahoo.com.

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