NCA Camp

Aug 01, 2017

The Fort Osage Cheerleaders traveled to Emporia State last week to attend the NCA Camp and truly came together as a team on and off the mat. The team received the following awards during the final ceremony: Superior evaluation, Technical Excellence in Tumbling, 1st place Champion Chant Competition, 1st place Performance Competition, Best Overall Performance, and reached all three of their camp goals!

Throughout camp, individual team members had the opportunity to try out and compete in various competitions. As a result Fort Osage represented with seventeen All- American nominees (Paige Atagi, Lainey Camerlynck, Sydnei Flaig, Christina Freeman, Chyanne Freeman, Allee Herrman, Shannon Jeffries, Kylee Kelsey, Faith Lockard, Taylor Menne, Sam Mygatt, Rachel Rellihan, Kylie Reiss, Allye Roszell, Sophie Ruoff, Kyleigh Steenrod, Lexi Wily) four All-American team members (Lainey Camerlynck, Christina Freeman, Faith Lockard, Sam Mygatt), the Top All-American (Sam Mygatt), Leadership winner (Christina Freeman), Top Gun Tumbling winner (Kylee Kelsey), Top Gun Stunting winners (Sam Mygatt, Christina Freeman, Lainey Camerlynck, Taylor Menne, and Kylee Kelsey) and one invitation to join the NCA Staff (Christina Freeman).  

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