Fort Osage Homecoming

Sep 01, 2017

Students self-nominate and must meet eligibility requirements.  Then, each class votes for its own royalty.  The 9th, 10th, and 11th grades choose a prince and princess; 12th grade chooses six queen and six king candidates.
On the Friday of Homecoming Week, the entire student body can vote on the Homecoming Queen and Homecoming King.
Eligibility requirements to run as a candidate are as follows:
1.     Meet MSHSAA enrollment requirement for athletics and activities.  Currently, this is being enrolled in a minimum of 6/7 classes
2.     Be a good school and community citizen.  May not have had ISS or OSS for a major offense within a semester of being nominated.
3.     Be a member of the class s/he is chosen to represent.
4.     Have attended FOHS or OTMS at least one semester prior to being nominated.
5.     Be actively involved in at least one extracurricular or co-curricular activity during the school year of nomination.
6.     Have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 (C-) or above. (1st semester Freshmen are exempt as they do not yet have a GPA.)
7.     Have an average attendance rate of 90% or higher for the current school year. 

Freshmen Princess & Prince:
Sydnee Summers & Brandon Zwicke
Sophomore Princess & Prince:
Piper Romero & Kaden Krysa

Junior Princess & Prince:
Emily James & Brandon Gregory Jr.
Senior Queen Candidates
Brieanna Everts
Garin Melton
Taylor Harm
Camryn Miller
Karlee Tatum
Ally Young
Senior King Candidates
Ma’a Acevedo
Julian Dyer 
Trenton McArthur
Mason Middleton
Jan Salmon
Lane Sullivan

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