Dirty Dogs Paw Spa Brings Pet Services to Buckner

Jul 01, 2017

Brittany Butler, owner of Dirty Dogs Paw Spa LLC., has a special place in her heart for animals and a penchant for safety.  She said it’s the most important thing when taking furry, four-legged friends for a spa day. Butler has had a love for animals for many years and enjoys working with them. Having worked in the pet industry and paw salons through the years, she saw firsthand common practices that didn’t quite sit well.  Besides a genuine love for pets, this was another impetus for Butler to start her own dog spa. For her, safety and genuine pet care comes first. For instance, she offers custom bathtubs to help promote safety for elderly and disabled animals. She also has escape proof kennels and just purchased a privacy fence so animals can relieve themselves outside and stretch their legs. Butler said she is hoping to eventually start boarding animals so owners who want to take trips will have a safe place to leave their pets.

Butler not only cares about animals but also for the people who serve the community and the nation. She offers discounts for first responders, veterans and military personnel.  “I want to give a little back to the people that do so much for others,” she said.  “Pets are amazing companions and provide good therapy. People who work such stressful jobs should have a safe place to care for their pets.” 

As for why she opened up shop in Buckner, her answer was simple, “I wanted to bring people out to Buckner because there is no where to take your pets out here unless you go into the city.  I decided to use what I know and use my natural knack for grooming and bring it here. I am from Wellington and enjoy being close to home.” 

Butler advises pet owners to trim nails every four to six weeks. She said the more the nails grow out, the risk increases for damaged floors. Additionally, the nails could curl and become painful. She also said keeping their ears clean is very important and can be done at home by mixing vinegar and water. Butler says daily cleaning helps to keep their ears yeast free.

The Dirty Dogs Paw Spa isn’t only a place for dogs but also cat friendly. Cats have designated time slots to help promote safety and comfort. Butler offers walk-in nail trims for $10 and nail trim and buffering for $15. She has full-service grooming and bath appointments that come with the works including nail care, ear cleaning, gland expressions and more. Call to book an appointment at (816) 249-4127, or schedule in person at 301 S. Hudson, Buckner, Mo. 64016. Look for the Dirty Dog Paw Spa booth at the Buckner Fair this fall and receive coupons and promotional items.

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