City of Buckner, MO Water Meter Fact Sheet

Jul 01, 2017

  • Public Works Superintendent Joe Bobadilla conducted a detailed analysis of water usage vs. water billing revenues covering the past 8 years.
  • Water/sewer revenue loss (the dollar value of water purchased vs. the dollar value of water sold) is in excess of $100,000 per year.
  • Mr. Bobadilla determined that numerous meters do not radio-read, or do not show a reading of any kind and are therefore estimated.
  • Mr. Bobadilla was directed by the City Administrator, at the direction of the Board of Aldermen Administration & Finance Committee, to investigate replacement costs.
  • Mr. Bobadilla confirmed that replacing the current Sensus meters will cost in excess of $1.2 Million.
  • Mr. Bobadilla contacted Blue Springs Winwater (distributor for Zenner meters), Schulte Supply (distributor for Neptune meters), and Midwest Meter (distributor for Badger meters).
  • The only proposal received was from Blue Springs Winwater, with an original proposal of $215,540.52 for materials and $43,800.00 for installation.  This did not include wages at Prevailing Wage as required by law.
  • The corrected proposal from Blue Springs Winwater was $215,540.52 for materials and $62,890.26 including Prevailing Wage as required by law.
  • Installation is contracted to be completed within a 30-day period, with allowances for weather and any unforeseen delays caused by City activities (major water or sewer line breaks, major street failures, etc.).
  • Finance and legal counsel costs added an additional $3,500.00.
  • The lease-purchase agreement was executed at $284,380.78 to allow a minor contingency amount.
  • Tyler Technologies (Incode billing software) setup fees are an additional $2,600.00 to be paid by Zenner Meters as part of their software installation agreement.
  • Miscellaneous costs (broken meter pits, broken lids, inoperative valves, etc.) will be provided by the City from parts on hand or purchased from the regular water maintenance budget.
  • Replacement of all meters within the City is planned for July or August of 2017.
  • The City will place door-hangers on every residence and business to inform regarding the date and time range of their replacement, and a schedule of replacements will be posted on the City website.  If the timing works out, we will attempt to include the schedule in the monthly Buckner Clarion.
  • Meter replacement includes GPS positioning, directly saving the City approximately $6,000.00 in GPS mapping fees.
  • No costs of the meter replacement project will be passed on directly to water customers.
  • Individual accounts will experience one of three results from replacing the water meters:
    • Meters previously reading correctly will experience no change in billing.
    • Meters previously reading above actual consumption will experience decreased billing.
    • Meters previously reading below actual consumption will experience increased billing.
  • No rate increase of any kind has been approved in conjunction with the meter replacement project.
The City has contracted a rate study for water and sewer services to update the 2004 rates currently in place.  

Upon completion, the City will conduct public hearings prior to any rate increase.

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